Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kandi loves shopping. Really.

We have been talking about how much we really needed to "fill out" our registry.  Not that we need a ton of things, but for those who are asking, we want to give them some good options.  

We are using which let's us link up the registries from all the stores into one place.  It also let's us scan items from our phone (but only if we are using wi-fi -so strange!) and let's us select any item online.  Kandi has loved using the phone scanner and the store scanners.  But today Kandi discovered the online option.  I wish I had a video camera on her at the moment she realized she could add anything from Home Depot to our registry with the click of a button.  

By the second click she was so excited that she decided we were leaving the house to go shopping.  Let me say that again.  Kandi proactively asked about going shopping, and was excited to do so.  And she high-five'd me.  Three times before we left the house.  

So now we are on our way to Bed Bath and Beyond and whatever other stores she finds along the way.  It may take a few weeks to fill it all out but I'm excited to say that we are on our way.  But not as excited as Kandi.

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  1. That is so awesome! I want to get married just so that I can register!! ;)

    PS: Just saw your tag line: "Two brides, one family, zero chicken dance" and literally LOLed. hahaha