Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surfing the wave

I think I can say that it's official. The tiny little tasks that I've referred to as the Chinese water torture parts of wedding planning have officially become a tsunami of need and the crest is rising higher and higher and I'm surfing that puppy as fast as I can to make sure I'm not under it when it crashes.  Yea, no pressure.

That said, this is exactly the time I wish I could be writing every day to talk about what's happening and what we're thinking and feeling so we could look back on it and remember all the little details.  But who has the time?  Kandi has been out shopping for one pair of shoes for the last 5 hours. I've been working to finalize some of the details for the wedding ceremony itself and I promised myself that I'd get a good start on the program details before I turned in for the night. 

This weekend our friends Mo and Felicia have put together a night of festivities for us to go out and celebrate.  We start with dueling pianos and we end with strippers. We're starting the morning at the church doing a run through with our pastor.  What a great beginning and ending to the day.  So, before all that happens I have to finalize the ceremony and I really, really, really want to have a good start for the program.  And of course it would be nice if I could get out the evites for our pre- and post- wedding events too...  Definitely pushing my task surfing skills - but it's possible.

So, I'm leaving you with a video.  We received a gift in the mail the other day, and we are so thankful.  For this particular gift though, Kandy was extra thankful, and I had to run to grab the video camera. 

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