Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feeling a little bridal

A bridal dress store can be a very intimidating thing.  Even a strong and centered woman who feels that she doesn't need to do anything just because "that's the way it is done" has to catch her breath for a moment when she sees this as she opens the door.

This is bridal.  This is how you should look.  We are giving you so many options that are versions of the same options and we hope that you won't notice how similar they all are.  Look - it's a colored sash - that is a completely different dress than the one that was all white.  And this dress - it has flowers on it.  The other dresses are totally different.  And this completely different but identical dress has lace.  That is completely unique.

It can be tough to wade through all the silk and taffeta and tulle to get through to the other side.  That other side is where you see it all and have to make a decision.  Is this me?  Is this what I want to see in pictures 30 years from now? 

I found one that worked for me, and it's been hanging largely at our neighbor Stephanie's house since that day.  (Kandi didn't know if she could hold back from peeking.)  Well, no longer.  It is now back where it came from at David's Bridal awaiting alterations. 

While being pinned I was next to a matron of honor also named Kristin.  She'd been married a few years ago and was now going to be in her friend's wedding.  She shared her wedding stories with me and tried to pass along a few good ideas.  It was nice having someone to chat with while standing there for so long.  My next visit is in just a few weeks, about a week after that - the big day! 

Kandi wasn't someone who walked into the bridal store and even flirted with the idea that what she wanted could be found on their racks. Kandi is working with a seamstress and 2 weeks ago she had her first meeting with her to review what could be called a Version 1.0.  As I wasn't there, I can't share much more than that.  Perhaps Kandi will tell more when she decides to finally do a post!  :) 

The outfits are getting ready.  Most of the RSVPs have been turned in, or typed in considering they are electronic!  So many of the details have been taken care of - and it's still a little scary how many are left!  I know they'll all get done eventually, but the sooner the better!  This week I have meetings with the florist, and someone for this hair which is not a meeting I look forward to as I still feel half clueless when it comes to that whole "What do you want" question!

That said - I guess it's time to go get to it.  Those email aren't going to write themselves!

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  1. Hey I thought you werent having a bridal party? I am sure everyone will look awesome. Cant wait to see the dress