Welcome to the Details page for everything you ever wanted to know about our big day!

Coming in from out of town?  If you haven't already made your arrangements, we were able to secure a special deal through a special friend (Thank you "Shout Out" to Renee!) at the Extended Stay Deluxe.  The deal is $45.99 a night for a room with a full sized kitchen and living room area that's right off the light rail and just a stroll away from some nice dining options and a few clubs.  Pretty cool, right?  To reserve your room call 602-279-9000 and ask about the special rate for the Courtney Wedding.

Did Kandi really register at Home Depot?  For the answer to that and all of your other registry questions, you can check out our registry page at  Just type either of our names into the "find registry list by name", click search, then click on our registry when it comes up.  This one spot lets us link together all of our other registries, lets us pick things online, and there's even an app that will let us scan an item while we're in a store.  As of right now we're just getting started, but over the next few weeks we will be working to fill it out a bit! UPDATE: We've had some questions about the registry, so we created a quick little video to show you how easy it is!  You can view that at

What is your church like?  When you look at our church, it's pretty traditional looking - and it should be considering it is a historic church here in the South Mountain village. But talking with the people who attend, and you realize that this is not your average "church".  Currently it is a blended congregation, United Church of Christ and United Methodist, as two older churches in the area decided to merge together when their congregations had gotten too small to be on their own.  On an average Sunday Kandi is the youngest one in the place, but she isn't the spunkiest by far.  On the whole gay marriage issue - if my pastors could do it they would make sure that Kandi and I were first in line.  In fact, it was our pastor who asked us if we would like to be the first holy union at the church.  Everyone there is so great, we couldn't ask for more!

What is the reception going to be like?  In a word - awesome.  We have an amazing venue and we're looking forward to sharing it with everyone.  Important parts - there will be food.  Lots of food.  And it will be good.  Oh yea, there will also be a bar.  And while you are welcome to tip, the bar itself will be open.  And there will be cake.  And there will be dancing.  Lots of dancing - so bring your boogie shoes!

For that certain small percentage of you - a special note.  This whole venue - indoors and out, in the front and the back, is a non-smoking area.  If you can't go the night without spending some quality time with the Marlboro Man, plan to smoke while sitting in your car. 

How should we dress?  Plan to be dressy.  Plan to be snazzy.  But you can leave the tuxedo at home. We're going for a very modern dressy look and not anything overly stiff and formal.  The service is in a church so "church wedding appropriate".  While there are lovely indoor areas at the Audubon Center and a huge paved patio, there are also some great natural areas and paths that you may want to explore so we would suggest you ladies leave the pointy heels at home.  Also, plan on spending a good amount of time on the dance floor so make sure you have comfortable shoes!