Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awesome weekend

Two posts in one week?  Amazing, right? 

I don't have the time to say much but I just have to say what an amazing weekend it's been.  We met with our photographer, Nicky with Mint, and are working on finalizing our time for doing our pre-wedding session with her.  She hadn't clicked a shutter for us yet but we know it will be awesome.  We met with our florist Michelle of Crazy Daisies and we had basically scrapped 50% of things we've planned before and revamped our floral plan.  We love her creativity and are so excited to see how it looks on the big day.  Also, she's just pretty cool in general so it's always nice to hang out with her.  Today though - we tried to keep it brief as she really should have been at the emergency room and instead she came to our visit.  I won't get into the details, but how's that for dedication?  :) 

We finished up the invites and we are super excited to get them in the mail on Monday.  No turning back now!  :) 

We have started a few registries, have bought some things for the bar and for our special little favors.  We've shopped for shoes, for supplies, and for the heck of it.  It was awesome.

We have gotten many things done, and have may things started.  It's amazing to think about how much still needs to be done.  But I know we'll make it all come together. 

Amazing weekend.  48 days until the big day.  Have to remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the ride. 

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