Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Checking in from the road...

2 months, 11 days, 12 hours.

Why did I get that app again?

But that is certainly our reminder that time is a-ticking.  Kandi has been working to decide who will officially make her bridal outfit.  As someone who grew up with a family full of seamstresses, she was a bit surprised by the costs but she has gotten used to it.  We both know the basic concept of what the other is wearing, but don't know anything in particular.  We won't officially see them until the big day.  Only the seamstresses and our neighbor Stephanie will know for sure as she is the official "holder of my dress" since if it was at our house Kandi knows she couldn't quite control her curiosity.  Who knew that dress holder would end up being a flower girl duty? 

Our coordinator Shelly has been a great resource.  While she hasn't done any "work" she has been a great reference, resource and general sounding board for some of our ideas.  Knowing that she and her team are going to be there for the big day has been a nice relief.  She also came up with a few new ideas when she took her to see the reception space. She is so good about understanding what we want and understands exactly what we're going for - we're happy to have found her! 

I'm traveling now and Kandi has the house to herself to be able to do any and all wedding planning where she doesn't want my help.  Who knows what I'll be heading home to find?  :) 

Once my work related travel is done it's officially (bum bum buuuuummmmmm) time to order the invitations. Such a big step - and one we're so excited about!  It should be amazing. 

Time is ticking on by and I can't believe how soon it's going to be here! 

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