Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Save the Date story

Now that we are working on all the fun details for our Invitations, we can share the pictures and story for the making of our Save the Date's. 

Our first plan was that we would use these fun "business cards" we had made with all of our info for the ceremony.  It would be super simple - the card WAS the Save the Date.  And we had pre-bought some stamps to use to help personalize some of our DIY creations, so we'd put a stamp on the back of the white business envelope.  Super duper simple, right? 

Well, imagine sending a business card in a white business-y envelope.  Now imagine being the person to open that envelope and think about how lame it looks to open a practically empty white envelope and see just a business card.


So, I thought hey, let's put in one piece of paper that gives slightly more info, bigger font, and generally takes up more space in the envelope than just a business card.  And Kandi decided to not make them just business cards, but magnets - so she applied and hand cut a magnet to the back of every business card.  But then we thought - white piece of paper and white business card magnet in business looking envelope?  BORING!  So I figured if I could get some fun colorful paper we would be set. We contemplated taping the card to construction paper.  We contemplated doing some fancy multi-layered paper thing.  In the end we decided that it was going to be all about going to the store and getting inspired. 

So I did.  And there they were.  Envelopes that exactly matched our green color.  It was so exciting!  I'd thought I might find colorful paper but had never thought we'd get anywhere close to our color in an envelope!  Then I found acceptable paper - acceptable because while not an exact match, they are "cousin colors" coming from the same family. 

Heading home with that and many other ideas we played with what it would look like and what we would do.  My favorite discovery was the glue dots so those "cards" could actually stay in one place!  As someone who likes to know how something is going to end before it begins, I loved that we would know exactly where that card would be when it was opened up!  We thought it looked pretty good after an hour or so of playing around with it, but then Kandi came up with what I thought put it over the top - the stamp on the orange paper.  It was perfect! 

And so we began the assembly line!  I folded. She applied the card/magnets.  She stuffed.  I sealed and stamped. 

Don't we look happy?  Ok, there was some cheesing for the camera, but at the same time we WERE so excited!  While there have been checks written and decisions made, this really made it feel "official".

In addition to the original cards we'd planned to use, I'd tested out an idea with putting our picture on a card.  I didn't get a lot as I was just trying out the idea.  Kandi decided that we would include what we had on some of the invitations.  So if you didn't get one - sorry!  I only ordered a few!  We had no idea how we would use them when I got them or I would have gotten more!  So here it is our final product...

And once all the work was done, the pile was ready to head out to the post office.  

We hope you all enjoyed them as we enjoyed putting them together.  Speaking of which...

Time to go back to work on the invitations!  :)

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