Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starting to check off the list

It started as a concept.  And then that concept sprouted an idea.  The idea grew and grew until it had so many leaves that it no longer bore much resemblance to the initial concept, because it was so much better.  And yet - it seemed to be exactly what it was supposed to have been all along. 

Some seemingly deep thoughts about creating our save the dates!  And yet that's how it really happened.  We look back and almost wondered how we got there, and yet we can see how and when each of our ideas layered on one another to create the final end product.  It was a perfect coming together.  Just like us.

So, we took many pictures and I promise that I WILL share them - but I'll be waiting about 2 weeks to post the picture to make sure that anyone who actually reads the blog as of right now (I think it's up to 3 or 4 of you now... Howdy!) will have actually looked at their mail before they see it all on the blog. 

Today Kandi met with the first of the seamstresses we have met or been referred to for her outfit.  This woman seemed really excited about her ideas (again, not sharing yet - a girl has to maintain her mystery...) when we shared them with her at a bridal show.  We also have one seamstress that was referred to us by our wedding coordinator Shelly and by Aunt Cynthia who gave a glowing recommendation of someone she has used before.  That's Kandi's big task in the next week or two as she knows she needs to budget a bit of time to have something crafted completely from scratch. 

We recently purchased a few items for the reception venue that we're excited about.  Another mystery until October 15th of course.   These were some of the last of a group of items we've been gathering for some time and with this last purchase we are officially DONE there!  With so many items on the old to-do-list it's so nice to be able to officially check somethings off.   I have two big things that I really need to check off in the next few weeks.  They've both required so much research to make that final decision, and I think I'm getting really close.  I'll be meeting with an adviser shortly (Thank you Brian.) to go over some of the options and make some final decisions.  It's SO exciting!  And these are things I can immediately share here so yes, I'm being vague right now - but not for long!!!

And on that note - time to go put the RSVP's in a container for Kandi to drop off tomorrow!  One more thing to check off the list.  One more step towards making it feel oh-so-official. 

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