Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A TV Wedding rant

You know what we're sick of?  We're sick of people on wedding shows talking about how they have to do everything cheap and DIY because they have a budget of JUST $25,000.  And then we hear they only have 50 people coming.  We're sick of the girl who is complaining about how hard it is to plan her wedding when she has hired professionals for most every part of it, daddy is paying the insanely high bill, and she quit her job so she could focus on the wedding.  But it's SO hard.  And we are sick to death of the bridal shows that have carving stations and sushi and stir-fry asian food, and build your own mashed potato bars and more food that some families see in a month FOR THEIR HAPPY HOUR and the guests say that happy hour was "just ok". 

Seriously people. When did it become socially unacceptable to have a simple wedding?  When did everyone decide they had to be a princess?  When did we decide that we would just all go into debt to the bride could have "her day"?   When did this become the norm?  Heck, when did it become remotely acceptable to blow that much money and have that much waste for one fricking day?  Not even a whole day.  Most weddings last less than half of a day.  In less than half of a day you are blowing through more money than many of the folks working your event make all year. 

Listen, I'm not saying that everyone who spends a ton of money or complains about their wedding is a bad person.  Really I'm not.  Sometimes I feel like my complaint is to the companies who want to charge you $60 a plate for a meal at a wedding, when the same meal served at a seminar would be $40, and the same meal served at their restaurant would be $19.  And those Chiavari chairs that everyone is shown sitting in during the ceremony for bridal shows on tv - to rent them costs $10 - $15 a chair.  That is $1000 - $1500 for chairs that folks will likely sit in for half an hour. Those chairs are getting so much per hour a company is going to look to outsource that job to overseas.  Sometimes this process has me thinking I'm in the wrong business. 

And that is why I'm so happy when I meet people who want to work with you.  People who want to make sure that while they are easily getting all their bills paid, you aren't having to skip a bill to pay them.  People who have clear websites and details so there are no questions or fine print.  Folks who are in this not just to take advantage of all the barely 20 something's with a hand in daddy's wallet, but to help your average person have a wonderful and special day. 

While this may have seemed like a rant to the "other people" it's really a thank you to all the good ones out there. May you all stay in business, and may you give me big discounts.  :) 

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