Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surprise! It's wedding week!

Last week we made the decision to really get some things done towards the wedding this week and next.  We figured one thing here, one thing there.  Instead it has become "Wedding Week".

Monday - Email, email, email!  It was all about sending out email to get updated with all of our contacts.  We have a few contracts pending so looking forward to getting those resolved.
Tuesday -While not officially wedding related, we had an event at the Phoenix Mercury where we got to pick up our season tickets.  While there we did chat about several wedding related events. 
Wednesday - Met with the suggested "rentals" company for our reception space. 
Thursday - Going to our monthly wedding show put on by the The Big Picture, from whom we won the free engagement session, and where our florist will be hanging out as well!
Friday - Meeting with Pastor Barb for our very first Holy Union counseling session.
Saturday - I have to work.  Doesn't sound wedding related?  Oh yes.  That overtime $ is going right for wedding stuff! 
Sunday - Two, count them, TWO Wedding shows including one that is hosted by the first wedding cake place that Kandi fell in love with - Bamboo Bakery.  Looking forward to those cake tastings! 
Monday -  Having our second meeting with our potential caterer!

It's amazing how many things we know right now.  It's also surprising how often I question some of the decisions.  For example, we said fairly early on that we weren't going to do a bridal party.  We figured we'd have a nice VIP section of friends and family with special things to do during and around the ceremony and all would be good.  No need for obnoxious outfits.  No needing to decide who's side each person would be on when we've had the same friends for 10 years.  Nope - we know we aren't going to do it.

And then...I see pictures like this and I just really, really, really want to have fun pictures like this. 

Ok, I don't need pictures EXACTLY like that, lets be honest the flipping off the camera thing is much more in Kandi's territory, but it's so fun!  I want fun group pictures.  And matching outfits.  Or at least vaguely similar outfits.  Sort of.  Maybe.  I don't know.

It's not as easy as I thought. And the more I look at some of the cute bridesmaid pictures on Off-Beat Bride, one of my favorite web haunts, the more I start to question that decision.

So many questions so little time.  If anyone was counting, which The Knot has been doing ever since I registered there, it's just 155 days until the wedding.  Yikes!

Let the wedding madness continue!

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