Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something ugly?

The more I look at wedding dresses the uglier they are. Seriously. How in the world does someone create this and think "This will make a bride feel beautiful"?


Lace and ribbon and bows and poofy-ness. That dress is almost everything I don't want to be. I also don't want to be uber uptight where my dress must be without wrinkle or flaw and my train must lay just so at all times and a if a hair were to fall out of place I'd positively break down. That is just SO not me.

Then again, Kandi doesn't have it much better.

She really wants a bridal pantsuit. She's never really been a dress kind of person - which likely goes back to being forced to wear skirts for Catholic school when she didn't want to go there in the first place. Between the nuns with their rulers and being forced to go to Mass when you aren't even Catholic, I suppose I can understand. I think a nice suit is great in theory and I know she could rock it, but it's been amazingly hard to find. So far they've either looked like a) A male white suit - which is SO not what she wants, b) The kind of suit one would see at a black southern baptist church with matching hat and shoes worn by someone 2-2x her age, c) Just ugly. If we could find something like this in white, we could be on to something...

I did find a few dresses that were "ok" and I found a few that I super love - but of course those are through online only venues and since the dresses are custom made for you there is no trying it on first which makes the prospect a bit scary. I'm telling myself that for right now I'm looking at ideas and I won't worry too much about it all until February or March. That gives me tons of time to find new ideas, new dress designers, new dress stores, and maybe a seamstress.

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