Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Have you noticed the lack of blog posts?  You might say it was on purpose. 

When people asked us, so what are you doing after the wedding?  Doing something special? Going somewhere?  Our answer was the same - Yes we have plans.  Plans to do nothing.  Plans to sit on the couch.  Plans to clear off stuff from the DVR.  Plans to have no plans at all.

Well, the plans didn't happen quite the way we planned.  We had some fun things we decided to do.  WE had some friends who had some drama with a side of drama and as much as we said we didn't want go get in the middle of it - we found ourselves there. 

After about 3 weeks we realized that it was about that time.  It was time to go grocery shopping.  It was time to do laundry.  It was time to clear off the pool table with all the odds and ends from the wedding that haven't moved since they came into the house on the night of the wedding. 

As of today we're at 1 month and 4 days.  I've got the shopping done for the house, for groceries and almost everything we need for Thanksgiving (except the fresh stuff you get the day or two before).  Kandi has done most all of the laundry.  It's nice to have fresh sheets on the bed and more than one clean towel in the house. 

We meant to have a special time on our one month anniversary but between one thing and the other - it didn't quite happen.  So yesterday, our One month and Three day anniversary in case anyone was keeping track, we decided to do something special.  We at our wedding cake!

We had completely planned to freeze the top layer of the cake.  But no one told us how.  And when I internet searched it I heard sooooooo many different versions of what to do.  And no one said "i did this and it worked really well".  What I heard most of on the bridal boards was "we did this and it tasted awful" or "we tried this so I'll let you know how it works in a year" which of course doesn't help me.  SO many decisions to be made on something so little - and I was SO not in a mood to make a decision. 

Ever wonder what a wedding cake looks like after a month in the fridge?  Like this

We didn't say it would be pretty.  But it was a nice memory.  We figured we'd give it a shot and see how it tasted.  So Kandi cut a few pieces.  We figured we'd nibble at some now, and pack up the rest.  After all, one of the issues was that we didn't have space for the whole square in the freezer - but in pieces, we knew we could keep up a space for awhile.  And ya know what, it didn't look too bad.

Ok, to be honest it looked really good.  We got so excited about it we boxed up all of the cake before we even tasted it.  We decided to go with each chunk wrapped in saran wrap and in a plastic container.  Then we could thaw just a portion of it to nibble on again later. 

I'm thinking maybe one piece can be shared at the 6 month point and if it isn't horribly disgusting, then we'll see if we can save the last piece for our official 1 year anniversary.  From what the boards said, most folks only ate a bit or two of the year old cake anyhow since it usually tastes bad, so that big chunk should be more than enough of the cake.  We looked at it and we were proud of finally getting it done.

Then it hit us. We hadn't tasted it yet.  Gotta say, the cake wasn't too bad.  The whipped cream frosting - not so good. 
But obviously, it wasn't that bad.

So there you go.  Now we just need to clean up all the gunk on the pool table so we have a place to eat on Thanksgiving.  If you're wondering how we eat on a pool table, you obviously haven't been to our house for Thanksgiving.  We might have to post some pictures of it.  After all, it is part of our adventure!


  1. Yay for a new blog post!! :) Glad to see pictures of the cake tasting and happy 1 month and 4 day anniversary! :)

  2. PS: I love that the counter at the bottom of the page counts up now rather than down. As of typing this, you had been married for 36 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes and 11 seconds. :)