Sunday, April 3, 2011

The first check is written!

This weekend we officially put money down to hold "our date" for the reception.  We explained the potential need for date flexibility and she was good with that considering we are far enough out on the date.  Thank goodness!

This weekend we went out searching for tables, chairs and other rent-able items.  Sexy, right?  I know.  We could barely contain ourselves.  Poly-cotton linens.  Organza Overlays.  It's like wedding dirty-talk.  Thank GOODNESS we aren't those people.  I'm a basic black chair white table cloth kind of girl.  Kandi is thinking maybe another solid color besides white.  We are so wild and crazy.  So hard to please. 

We also went to a super mega wedding store called Wedding Accessory Superstore. They have wedding, bridesmaid, flower-girl and mother of the bride dresses, shoes and other accessories.  They also have the other basic accessories like cake toppers and ring pillows and all the other crap that every bride "needs".  We spent a really large amount of time in one section - invitations.  We realize now that we have locations and are SO close to having a date, the next big step will be to officially send out invitations.  Well, next step is a funny thing because while that one really matters, we also have to finalize florists, caterers, photographers and every other vendor that we have to pay lots of money to in hopes of having an awesome celebration.  BUT - for the outside world - they just care about getting an official invitation.  So we looked.  And looked.  And looked.  It's tougher than we thought.  Trying to find that something that looks like "us" is hard enough.  But trying to feel like "us" and be under budget - whatever that is... - is SO hard.

As of right now our #1 pick is coming from Vistaprint.  They have some awesome options for invites and all the other pieces related to that.  And because they print so many things, it lets you carry that theme into quite a few other areas which we really like.  Not sure what we'll do for sure, but we know we definitely have more looking to do!

Finally - we've thought a lot about doing a "candy bar" for the wedding favor.  And while there are businesses that do it all for you, we've thought that was one piece we could really DIY.  So we hit a few second hand stores to look for some cool candy holders.  We found a few nice ones to officially start the collection.  And we found out that Goodwill is doing 50% off all items next Saturday.  Who will be right there when they open those doors?  Oh yea - that's us. 

But with this an interesting question has come up.  Where the heck to we stick all the stuff we are going to be collecting over the next six months?  And how much stuff exactly will we be collecting?  And did I include all of it on our budget?

I've come to terms that it will never all be there.  But that doesn't stop a girl from trying to catch it all!  One check down and many, many, many more to go.

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