Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby steps forward

We haven't won the lottery yet - but I did get a full time job! Woo hoo!

My part time job became a full time job and I really do enjoy it. The money is a little well under what I said would be my absolute minimum to pay the bills - but it's a job. I'm starting to look at options for a part time gig now, as is Kandi. And hey - I always thought it could be fun to work at Starbucks. Or maybe Target - I look great in red and I'd love the discount! Either way we're happy to have what we have.

Last week was a small bridal show put on by some of the same folks who did the show where we won the photo shoot. Knowing we were going to attend it, the photographer brought some sample pictures from our shoot. They were very cute. She also was organizing which couples would be participating in some of their "fun" events - and chose us to participate. Some were silly little things like doing a couples dance or trying to catch a bouquet. Those were all to win things, and we didn't, but it was still fun. Another thing that gave no prize except for the experience itself was ... well... I don't remember what it's called but here's how it went down. Kandi was handed a 4 inch round cake covered in icing. I was handed a 4 inch round cake similarly frosted. And then - we were to shove it in the other person's face.

We both had cake everywhere. It was kinda awesome. Wouldn't ever want something that messy, sticky and "make up ruining" like that on the day of - but it was fun to do for the event. Both the main photographer and her assistant were busy snapping away while we were doing it and I'm hoping we can get some great shots out of it.

Another great thing about this event was that my mom was able to join us. It was her first bridal show and a really great introduction to it all. She got to enjoy chatting with all the vendors, trying all the fun appetizers and sampling the desserts. And of course, it was nice to just spend the time together!

The show was at an amazing venue, Bentley Projects. In all honesty, it was one of the first places I thought about when we started picturing reception locations. I didn't even know they would do it - but then once I saw the pictures my next concern was if we could afford it. Sadly, we likely can't afford it - but I'm still requesting a pricing sheet.

Next week we have an appointment for a private cake tasting with a new company we found at the big bridal show called the Lovely Little Cake Shop. And then the next day we both have an appointment at David's Bridal to try on dresses. Yes, I said both of us. At the bridal show you got a $50 gift certificate for each person that made an appointment - so we each did. I haven't convinced her to actually try on any but I REALLY really am hoping I can convince her. I think it could be so much fun.

We also need to sit down and have the conversation we've been putting off a bit. So - now that I have a job - what can we really spend? It's a tough call. Because if we decide based on just the job I have and not any part time jobs we hope to get we might not like the answer we get. We've talked about the idea of putting it off until Spring, or even next year - but neither of us love that idea. So, we'll see. For now - fingers crossed on us or a family member winning the lottery! :)

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